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"My maps are free. If you purchased them, you got scammed."
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This will be my GURPS Space site.

Fixed some typos and added new maps on 2021/01/19.

I have the manual. I will be using the basic Traveller style maps from Fractal Terrains 3, and Cosmographer add-on for Campaign Cartographer 3+. UPP instead of UWP for planetary profiles.

This site will have planet maps made with Fractal Terrains 3 from Profantasy.com. A few character drawings using Character Artist 3. But don’t expect me to draw any by hand. I’m not an artist.

Mapped with CC3

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March, 2021

Mar 19

Added a preliminary map of the engineering deck, with a very large engine room. Updated navigation menus.

February, 2021

Feb 15

Zar-Gol Arm, Column 02, Sector 01, Sub-Sector B map has planet map Heshnar added, and all 3 planets in this sub-sector now have solar system maps.

Feb 13

Added solar system maps to Zar-Gol Arm, Column 01, Sector 01, Sub-Sector A map planet pages.


Jan 19

Chegel Arm and Path between Arms have solar system maps with planet maps. No details on the maps.

I continue to work on Zal-Gol Arm maps and posts/articles. Some have solar system maps and others don’t.

Updated the FAQ.

Jan 17

Added to Path, Column 3, Sector 3, 4 planets, Sub-Sector map, and Sector map. Updated navigation menus.

Jan 16

In the process of posting updates to Chegel Arm, Column 2, Sector 2, and adding Sector 3.

Chegel Arm, Column 02, Sector 03 map

I think I got all of the typos from this time, and last time, I edited this site taken care of.

Site navigation menus have been updated, typos gone, several planets added. Further work will be on Sector 3 linked above.

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I map showing the approximate locations of the two galaxy arms and the path between them I will be mapping.

Updated January, 16, 2021

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Maps on this site will be 2000 pixels wide.

1) From reading the GURPS Traveller pdf I bought, I will likely just go with the standard Traveller mapping methods. GURPS Space doesn’t have Sector and sub-sector maps. The info I found, and asking on the Steve Jackson Games forums, is there isn’t a sector map method. A Cartesian mapping method is used instead.

2) UPPs have not been done yet.

3) Navigation menus have been added.

4) There will be 9 sectors per area. More will be added later. Two Galaxy arms and a path connecting them.

5) Some planets are on the GURPS Cartesian map, most aren’t. Links are provided to the planet maps for those planets on the cartesian map.

6) No details on the maps.

7) I have added a cartesian style map similar to the ones in the GURPS Star Atlas books.

8) I am a retiree, so updates here are as I have the time to do them.

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This is a map based on similar maps in the GURPS Star Atlas series. According to posts on the forums at sjgames,com, most people feel this type of map is all they need.

Same planet names as elsewhere on this site. The links on this page go to each planet, they are in GURPS Traveller style UPP.

The planets on this map are not in the same locations as the Sector and Sub-Sector maps.

Updated January 17, 2021.

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