What's New ?


October, 2019

Oct 12

Added Ship’s boat, Patrol Cruiser, and Gazelle close escort. deck plans. Updated navigation menus as well.

Oct 11

Adding a sub-sector and 5 planet maps for Zar-Gol Arm. Sub-Sector A. Maps uploaded and linked from Sector and Sub-Sector. Updating navigation menus. Done.

Oct 6

Solar system maps added for planets Yelscha and Zara. Sub-Sector F.

Oct 5

Adding Sub-Sector G to Chegel Arm. There are now 2 sub-sectors, 11 planet maps. Updated the Sector map showing these changes.

September, 2019

Sep 24

Add a planet survey png to the Brass-Go page.

Sep 23

Adding solar system orbital maps.

Done adding the three solar system maps.

Sep 22

Uploaded a blank planet survey png I use on my Classic Traveller site.

Sep 21

Started this new sub-domain for my Gurps Space maps, etc. Added a sector map, a sub-sector map, and 3 planet maps. World profiles are in the works and will be added at a later date.

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